Uma Thurman says she hasnt had plastic surgery

Since earlier this week when Uma Thurman stepped foot on the red carpet, rumors have been circulating the media questioning if she had plastic remedy. Her minimal eye make up and smooth forehead looked significantly different from her last appearance just a few weeks earlier.

44-year-old actress, Uma Thurman made a guest appearance on “Today” just a couple days later, where she claimed the magic is at the makeup, not plastic cosmetic surgery. Although anyone that saw Uma Thurman that night could be sure she’d some type of surgery on her face, she says her make up artist just tried a new technique. She denied all accusations made towards her having any plastic therapy.She claims all the criticism she received from media didnt bother her at everything. But even if she did undergo some type of plastic surgery, should she be ashamed of things? Most definitely not.

Over the last decade, plastic surgery has become increasingly popular and less frowned upon. An a brow or eye lift may have been just the thing Uma Thurman required to give her an increase in her career. Theres nothing wrong with wanting to have a fresh, young, and confident look.

Statistics show quite a few women reaching their early liposuction fort myers florida seek plastic surgery, the brow lift being on of the top selling. This simple procedure has the capacity reduce creases along the forehead creating a smoother, more rejuvenated look. Lifting the eyebrows just just a little can make great improvements in the facial features of an individual.

So how would this procedure work? This minimal outpatient procedure consists of an incision made on the scalp from ear to ear. The incision lies behind the hairline, the circumstances scar easily hidden after recovery. Tub . incisions make the recovery process fairly quick. Patients are typical back to work just seven days post-operation.

The minimal scarring and fast recovery make this rumor about Uma Thurman quite possible, but we may never know. Plastic surgery usually be quite popular lately and although celebrities may not need to admit to or undergo these cosmetic procedures, one simple procedure may have an ability to drastically improve ones looks, while boosting their confidence.Although the media may have their speculations about Uma Thurman undergoing surgery, there is no proving right or wrong. Maybe miracle is in the makeup!

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